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Is Xbox 720 Microsoft’s New Gaming Console? (PHOTO)

In TECH on June 16, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Microsoft didn’t say squat about a new console at this year’s E3 but leaked documents say the software giant is planning an incredible new console, the Xbox 720, for 2013.The sketch above shows how the ‘Xbox 720′s Kinect Glasses will purportedly allow for more immersive gaming and entertainment experiences.

Via ArsTechnica:

The “Xbox 720″ described in the planning document will be six to eight times more powerful than the Xbox 360 (depending on where you look in the document). A vague “snapshot” of the Yukon architecture for the system shows a core application architecture featuring six to eight 2Ghz ARM/x86 cores, with two additional ARM/x86 cores powering the system OS and three PowerPC cores handling backward-compatibility functions. The document strongly suggests that this base hardware will be available in multiple configurations with different feature sets, using an the architecture is “designed to be scalable in frequency/number of cores,” and a “modular design to facilitate SKU updates later in lifecycle.”

The 56 page doc leaked online this morning but some aspects of its content were published online in May. Whether or not its a hoax remains to be seen as the plans within the doc says that the 720 hardware features will be rolled out through 2015.

Read the lengthy report here

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