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Bill Gates VS Steve Jobs In Epic Rap Battle (VIDEO)

In Humor, Music, TECH on June 15, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Epic Rap Battle‘s past matchups include Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler, Gandalf vs. Dumbledore, Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare, Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven and more. This match between Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, Microsoft vs. Apple, is, in a word, EPIC!

The tone of the rappers might annoy you in the beginning but somehow the Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates Epic Rap Battle tricks your mind into thinking its listening to Slim Shady as a geek on shrooms waving glow-sticks at a rave in Rock City. That’s actually a good thing.  Midway, however,  just when you think the match-up is silly and weird, you  really get into the jabs and punchlines thrown by the tech giants. Especially after Jobs starts rhyming as HAL 9000. Match, Jobs!

Surprisingly, no holograms were used or  harmed in the process. Tell us who won in the comments.



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Written by Cacy Forgenie

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