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Finding the right soap, shampoo and shaving cream can be a hassle, especially if you are a Black man prone to dry, irritable skin. Men stricken with the “bumplestilskins” know what I’m talking about. Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief this winter because I came across a great soap that’s perfect for shower, shampoo, shaving and improving your skin.

Shea Moisture’s Three Butters Utility Soap main components are shea, mango and avocado. There’s also honey, coconut,  palm, cocoa butter and black seed and other 100% vegetable (read biodegradable) ingredients that offers a great lather and a scent that’s not over powering. Essentially it smells like honey and leather and could substitute your cologne, and has lipids your skin easily absorbs. This is especially true of the avacado and cononut oils.

I bought a three pack at Booth C501 last night at Bryant Park where Shea Moisture and Sickathanaverage.com beauty expert Celia San Miguel had a meet and greet. Three for $10, a bargain. I think it retails at CVS, Target, Duane Reade, Wallgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond for more but its worth the investment for a smooth and moist winter.

Shea Moisture offers a variety of products for men and women including lotions, creams, cleansers, body butters, shampoos and soaps. The main ingredient in their products is, you guessed it, shea butter; which does wonders in terms of smoothing and nourishing your skin. It’s what Amber Rose uses in her beauty routine, and the IT component in 21st Century skin care. We use it in its raw form at home daily. The formula Shea Moisture uses has been around since 1912 Liberia, and is found throughout Africa.

Celia San Miguel at Shea Moisture’s booth in Bryant Park.

Shea Moisture products.

Shea Moisture products.

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