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With US Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew’s unusual signature still bugging people out we thought we’d take a look at the signatures and psychologies of some people who occuppy our lives: celebrities. Lew’s signature is basically a logo, a representation of a man who, obviously, has to sign many documents. By reducing himself to a series of loops, his signature tells us he’s efficient and dislikes tedium. That’s my take based on what little I know about graphology, the study of handwriting.

Beyonce, on the other hand hates herself, according to UK graphologist Barbara Weaver. Weaver runs the Cambridge School of Graphology and was asked by The Guardian to analyze the signatures of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, George Bush and Barack Obama. Here’s what she concluded about GQ’s latest covergirl:
Beyoncé: “The signature is crossed out, suggesting that she really doesn’t like herself very much.”

Kim Kardashian: “This writer is prone to exaggeration and may fantasise – she may find it difficult to relate ideas to truth or reality.”

Barack Obama: “The capitals are huge. He has a superiority complex and needs to compensate for inner feelings of inferiority.”

Rihanna: Weaver wasn’t presented with the above, a letter Rihanna penned to her fans last month; but I think she would say the Bajan beauty has issues of intimacy and is very, very sexual. I draw these conclusions based on the spacing and consistency of her letters, and the downward strokes of her y’s and g’s. Those look like icepicks, according to the graphology book I’ve been reading since high school, Understanding Graphology by Ellen Cameron.

Graphology is seen either as a parlour trick or a serious science. Its so serious that graphologists are sometimes hired to screen candidates for jobs. So silly that its labeled as quackery online. I think it legitimate.

The Guardian

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