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“What happened? Well, what happened!”
Choice lines for a female lead in a movie where the extras really look like extras wearing grey hair spray paint.

They are running from THE BLOB.

They are running over each other to make the shot. One girl, falling to the pavement, her red sweater losing an elbow. Some of the extras are laughing but are really meant to be frightened.

The people in the film do their best to believe.

There is a morbid twist in The Blob. The policeman who thinks this is a gag, well, he lost his wife when a couple of kids got behind a wheel one late, drunk night. There was a turn and a swerve and this policeman lost belief in our youth. But these are American kids. In the 1950’s. They haven’t yet been to war but they grew up knowing about it. Long gone by ‘58, pictures with kissing teenagers and “What happened? Well, what happened!” took center screen.

What if there had been black faces in the car racing backwards down main street? Just a drag race in the middle of town. Good thing it was Steve McQueen. We wanted our hero to get off. To be let go.

Here’s what we find out at the end. The Blob is stopped by coal. I mean cold. If we can just be back in 1958 and drop that sucker in the Arctic. And then we have to pray really hard. If the ice melts we are doomed.

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Written by Tova Gannana

Tova Gannana is the poetry editor for The Arava Review. Her first book Human Dust was published in 2012 by Finishing Line Press, KY. She writes book reviews for TheRumpus.net.

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